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Thank you for helping spread the word on Pennsylvania’s child development account, Keystone Scholars. By doing this, you are helping ensure that every PA child has the opportunity for a better future. Information about the program and specific ways your type of organization can help parents know about their child’s account is in the downloadable partner information sheets at the right.

Keystone Scholars Resource Page

You can access and order materials at

What can you do?

Trusted community partners are needed to inform expectant and new parents about Keystone Scholars to:

  • Inform/remind parents about the program
  • Tell parents that they will receive a letter from PA Treasury with more information about 4-6 months after their child's birth
  • Reassure them the $100 account is real and is being provided to every child regardless of income
  • Have fun imagining their child’s future with them!

PA Treasury offers training on the program for your frontline employees and can also conduct informational webinars for your patients and families.  Please contact us at to schedule.

Become a Keystone Scholars Champion

Discover how you can support children and families in your community. By becoming a Keystone Scholars Champion, you can have a positive impact on children by building upon the initial $100 investment. Additional funding provided by Keystone Scholars Champions can be used to reward local families for taking positive steps in their child’s development.

Contact Anne DeCecco about becoming a Keystone Scholars Champion today.

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