PA Treasury provides its partners with materials to share information on the Keystone Scholars program. Please use these to share the story of Keystone Scholars to the families with whom you work!

Print Resource Materials

Items in this section available in print or download. If ordering print materials, be sure to specify English, Spanish or both when ordering.

Brochure (English) Brochure (Spanish)

Easy-to read brochure provides program background; suitable for distribution to families expecting a child or for distribution to employees for program opportunity awareness. Available for order or for download. (Brochure holders available upon request; limited quantities)

Coloring Sheets

Great give-a-way or to have ready in waiting areas. Features Keystone Scholars basic information or your choice of coloring sheets. Available for order or download.(May 2020)

Flyer (English) Flyer (Spanish)

Two-sided flyer great for inclusion in packets of materials or for distribution at family/mom/dad trainings. Available for order or for download.


Display Keystone Scholars information with this 11 x 17 poster suitable for waiting rooms or any public viewing areas. Available for order or download.

Bright Future Booster Handout

Overview of additional deposit for babies born between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021, and whose parents are enrolled in the WIC program at the time of the child's birth. Available for order or for download.

Order Materials

If you would like to receive Keystone Scholars material please click on the order materials button and note the items you wish to order, the quantity of each, the date the items are needed, and the name, address and phone number where the items will be sent.

Visual and Video Tools

PowerPoint Slides

Full-color, ready-to-use for static display locations, such as waiting rooms. Download the file. (March 2020)

Keystone Scholars Details

(1:56) – Tells the Keystone Scholars story for parent/families. Includes quick review of sign-up process. Use for virtual outreach, in-home visits, family gatherings or for use on websites. Includes information on the PA Savings Pledge. (November 2020)

What’s Keystone Scholars

(0:22) – This video offers a brief overview of Keystone Scholars for parent/families. Great for social media outreach or newsletter/email outreach. (August 2020)

How to Access Your Account

(0:26) – This video helps parents access their child’s account and may be used in parent/family outreach tools. (August 2020)

The Power of Saving

(0:51) - Suggestions for families on how to save for their child’s future. Includes PA Savings Pledge. (August 2020)

Why Keystone Scholars is Important

(0:23) – This video explains how Keystone Scholars can help jumpstart savings. (August 2020)

Paying for Postsecondary Education

(0:22) – This video provides a brief overview on how to use PA 529 and Keystone Scholars funds. (August 2020)

Infographic Video

(0:15) – Infographic suitable for use on a website or in social media outreach. No voice over.

Infographic Video

(0:15) – Infographic suitable for use on a website or in social media outreach. No voice over.

Social Media Kits

Download and share these Keystone Scholars ads on your social media pages. Like and follow @patreasurer on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to tag posts with #KeystoneScholars!

Keystone Display Ads
Keystone Static Ads
Social Media Infographics
Social Media Toolkit Web Site/Social Media Graphic

Newsletter Content Tools

Help spread the news. Download and include Keystone Scholars information in your organization’s newsletter.

PA Savings Pledge Opportunities

Three ready-to-use short articles describe the opportunities for parents and children to win prizes up to $1000 in monthly drawings. Articles suitable for e-mail blasts, newsletters or print publications Download the file.(May 2020)

Keystone Scholars Milestone

Ready-to-use short article suitable for e-mail blasts, online newsletters or print publications. Download the file. (March 2020)


Download and share the Keystone Scholars logo on your website. Please link to and share on your resource page.

Keystone Logo

Items of Interest

Keystone Scholars has received national and regional media coverage since the program opened statewide in 2019. Download the PDF below to read and share the highlights of this coverage.

Keystone Media Summary Keystone Scholars Annual Report Keystone Corner

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